Workforce Integration Network

Publication date:

May 24, 2024

The Mayor of London has launched his Inclusive Employer Toolkits.

Stark inequalities persist in London’s labour market, with Black and minoritised Londoners significantly underrepresented in key industries and facing higher barriers to entry. In response, the toolkits aim to help employers make meaningful progress on workforce equality and inclusion.

Targeted at employers in hospitality, health, the green economy and the creative industries, the toolkits set out practical guidance and resources, tailored according to organisation size. The toolkits draw on original research with employers and workers to address the specific EDI challenges in each industry. Inside, you will find guidance not only on hiring more diverse staff, but on embedding lasting change across the organisation, so that workers from underrepresented groups are encouraged to stay and progress.

Explore the green toolkit and share with colleagues and leadership to discuss how it could enhance your EDI work: 

WIN Green Toolkit